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Ajuntament de Maó

From September 6th to September 9th.


Welcome to the official website of the 'Festes de Gràcia' of Maó

Through this website, the City Council of Maó aims to bring closer everything related to the patron festivities of the city of Maó in a more direct way.

Gradually, more sections with additional material will be implemented, but for now, you can find the program and poster for this year, as well as a collection of historical posters. You will also find the music recorded by the ‘Banda de música de Maó’ in collaboration with the City Council in 2022.

We hope you like it and that, among all of us, we can expand this historical collection.

'Festes de Gràcia' 2023 poster

Pol Marban signs the poster for the 'Festes de Gràcia' 2023.

The artistic work reflects the transmission of traditions between generations, avoiding the classic icons of the festivities.

On August 16th, the Mahón City Council presented the poster for the ‘Mare de Déu de Gràcia‘ 2023 festivities, a creation by the painter Pol Marban. It’s a striking composition that aims to move away from the traditional festival posters, while still incorporating the main elements that define the celebration, such as the horses, the fabioler (flag bearer), and the caixers y caixeres (male and female riders who participate in the event. Read more

The presentation took place in the Plenary Hall and was attended by the artist himself, along with spokespersons from the political groups that make up the municipal Corporation.

Specifically, the painting depicts a spontaneous “Jaleo” that arises during a children’s celebration in a location in the middle of a field or orchard. As for the technique, it’s an acrylic painting with a variety of intense colors.

According to the artist, who claims to have gone through an exhaustive documentation process, “it has been a challenge to find new references, to be innovative, and to seek new ideas to convey the excitement of the festival.” He adds: “I’ve aimed for a poster that’s memorable and that captures the imagination of all Menorcans.”

Furthermore, Marban states: “It’s a colorful poster, just like the entire festival. We see the enthusiasm of children for the celebration, a genuine memory we all have; and the joy of playing and imagining.”

The Mayor of Mahón, Héctor Pons, believes that everyone can identify with this year’s poster: “Who hasn’t played these games at some point, or seen their nieces, nephews, or children recreate the festive atmosphere? It’s a different way of interpreting what our traditions mean, and we congratulate him for achieving it.”

Regarding the choice of the artist, the Mayor considers that Marban and this year’s pregonero, Marco Mezquida, “make a perfect match” as they are established artists, each with their own distinct style, young, and with a significant trajectory. “Our goal is to highlight their figures and continue to support their artistic careers,” describes the Mayor.

A total of 1,500 posters have been printed and will be available to the public at the municipal building and in the cultural area (Claustro del Carmen, 1st floor).